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The INCREASING REMITTANCE EFFICIENCY, MANAGEMENT & INVESTMENT FOR SOCIO-ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION (REMIT) IN GUYANA project supports the impact of remittances on Guyana’s socio-economic development by;

Improving access to information on the current remittance transfer market

Supporting female and youth recipients of remittances to increase their savings by accessing formal financial products and through asset creation

Facilitate increased access to modernized remittance transfers and information on the risks of the informal market

The Consultancy Group

The Consultancy Group (TCG) is an international consulting firm committed to excellence in consulting services. TCG is based in Georgetown, Guyana and is supported by an office staff and a network of local, regional and international associates.

TCG was founded on a belief that through the delivery of high quality technical expertise, it is possible to positively impact local and national level development outcomes, and ensure durable solutions characterized by equitable and responsive development. TCG is committed to ensuring that local professionals and experts play a role in supporting and transferring expertise and knowledge within, and for the development of the Caribbean region.

Since its inception, TCG has grown exponentially and has worked with a wide range of private sector, Government and non-governmental agencies. TCG has successfully formed partnerships with other consulting and research firms with specialized expertise, including Notio Partners (USA), Social Impact (USA), Counterpart International (USA), ProAlsurConsultores (Costa Rica), Innovos Group S.A (Argentina) and Ingenieria y Proyectos NIP and Global Consulting (Spain).

 REMIT | The Consultancy Group

263 Earl's Avenue, Subryanville | Georgetown,

Guyana| Tel: (+592) 22 58773, 22 58771

Email: afraites@theconsultancygroupguyana.com


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